Aboard Tenacious

Day 8 (I think!)

Just a quick post today, 24 March.

It’s 1400. We’re getting ready to go to sea again, under a cloudless blue Portuguese sky – but there are strong, cold northerlies which are going to make life uncomfortable once we get clear of the land. On the other hand the same winds will speed us on our way to Ponta Delgada.IMG_0032 5

The gangway has just been swung aboard and the line-handlers are standing by to cast off (that includes me). The pilot will soon come aboard. The new crew members are looking a little nervous, which is fair enough if you ask me!

Maybe the clear skies will hold and there’ll be the chance to do some serious sextant work. Lots of people have said they want to learn!

So farewell to Portimão. The open Atlantic awaits us…


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