17 March, 2015 19:54

Day 1

I finally came aboard Tenacious at 5pm this afternoon. She wasn’t hard to find, towering over the harbour here in Valencia.

Tenacious alongside in Valencia
Tenacious alongside in Valencia

Valencia is in festival mood with fireworks going off all day long and huge crowds on the streets for Las Fallas. Lots of women and children in the most elaborate traditional costumes with lace trim and combs in their hair.

Las Fallas procession - Valencia
Las Fallas procession – Valencia

I’ve unpacked my bags and made my bed – in a cosy curtained berth – and met the other members of my watch. We even have hot and cold running water!

My bunk (the lower one)
My bunk (the lower one)

We’ve had an initial briefing from the professional crew (how not block the loos, what the alarm sounds like…) and I’ve volunteered (am I mad?) for the midnight to 0200 harbour watch. Tomorrow morning will be devoted to ‘training’…

Evac drill
Evac drill

People seem interested in hearing about celestial navigation so I won’t be short of an audience. The weather today was lovely but is going to deteriorate tomorrow afternoon – just when we are due to sail!

Time for a brief kip.


2 thoughts on “17 March, 2015 19:54

  1. Enjoy!

    Very envious!

    Get your sextant out and spread the word and the beauty of it all. (your vision of the cosmos/light years of light travel,/ our tiny, insignificant retinas, simple brains + sextant working it all out!) as per last page of your poetic book). I have read that to my older children and they are thunderstruck by it as we stare at the stary sky. We await the imminent partial eclipse with telescope ready! Your book has converted them! Thanks!

    Good on you sport!


    Sextant enthusiast and now 4 times reader of you wonderful, book! (get’s better as I find new things and great writing!)

    1. Many thanks Francis. Sorry not to have relied sooner but I’ve been on the move – as you know. I’m really delighted you and your children have enjoyed the book so much. David

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